Autumn Birdhouse

Autumn Birdhouse

The original model was stitched with 2 strands of hand dyed floss by Romy’s creations and Weeks dyes Works over 2 linen threads.

Romy’s Creation :
Weeks dyes Works:

Fabric: Linen Belfast 32 ct. Light Mocha

Romy’s creations
Coffee or DMC 938+3371,
Mommy’s Mustard or DMC 3852,
White Chantilly or DMC B5200,
Golden Heart or DMC 3032,
Teddy Brown or DMC 1667,
Brown Sugar or DMC 437,
Tuscan Experience or DMC 703,
Red Passion or DMC 666,
Squirrel or DMC 3856

Weeks dyes Works:
218 Monkey Grass or DMC 520,
2226 Carrot or DMC 3854,
2238 Sweet Potato or DMC 921

Hand dyed wood button from
Stitched Tales :